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Through La Bibliocasa PREDEX-Educambio we aim to promote the access of children and young people from Llano Verde to quality training spaces, through the implementation of a complementary academic program in the territory, which allows reducing gaps in social and educational inequality of the population during 2023. To meet this objective, the program has four components:
Psychosocial component
Experiential component


group a
Made up of students between 6 and 9 years old
group b
Made up of students between 10 and 12 years old
group c
Made up of students between 13 and 17 years old.


data from 2022 to 2023
Boys, girls and young people participating
Training hours invested
Pedagogical experiences and field trips
English trainers, steam, psychoeducation, literacy

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In 2020 we learned the story of Zoraya and her family, who founded the Predex foundation in the Llano Verde neighborhood. Thanks to the union of many people, we managed to remodel the first floor of their home and create a program focused on strengthening the education of the boys and girls of this community.

At the Llano Verde Bibliocasa, our students between 5 and 17 years old can learn English, get closer to technology, receive vocational and psychosocial guidance, strengthen their reading and writing skills, learn under a STEAM approach and discover the world through significant experiences.
The Star Project
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the star project

The Star Project is a communications campaign created by our students, within the framework of the technology, information and communication (ICT) class with the trainer Nathali Anaconas. The concept of the project, which seeks to exalt the talents present in the Llano Verde community, was created by students between 13 and 16 years old from group C, as a way to redefine the territory and the narratives that exist about it, showing the voices and stories of those who “shine with their own light” in Llano Verde. In this community, talent has no borders, therefore, below we will present the work product of our students between 6 and 16 years old, from groups A, B and C, who, through the creation of a digital experience, sound and audiovisual will show small real stories of inspiring people.

the star project podcast

Students from 6 to 9 years old in Group A had the opportunity to discover the importance of speaking out. In class they learned about the power of radio and communication for social change. For this reason, they built a podcast where they told the life stories of talents from Llano Verde that inspire them. Among them, the life of a teacher, the story of a young woman who learned other languages, the skills of a mechanic... and of course, their talents!

Audiovisual narratives - Group B

The students between 10 and 12 years old in group B undertook an exciting audiovisual project that reflects their creativity and passion. With cameras and microphones, they have brought their own stories to life, capturing short narratives that speak of their talents, as well as the art and culture of the Pacific that is still present in every corner of Llano Verde. Here you can learn their stories!

Short stories

group c
Students from 13 to 16 years old in Group C, learned about the transformative impact of writing. That's why they took paper and pencil to bring stories of inspiring people to life, and weave words of resilience and improvement through short stories. Therefore, below you can immerse yourself in the experiences of a young basketball player who is passionate about teaching, a mother who transforms through cooking, a project that focuses on music, and the life story of one of our students who created a football school.

Dare to read them!
Real Llano Verde
In a neighborhood with large parks, a boy passionate about soccer named Yandel decided to support the dreams of his six friends and be their soccer coach. In a field built with sticks, boards and mesh bags, behind the Llano Verde health post, they began to train. There, they trained with balls of all kinds; some were made of rag, and others were not inflated due to use. Then one day, a man named Eduar Angulo, known as "Zurdo", approached. Yandel, as the team leader, asked the left-handed man to coach them because they needed a responsible adult who could help them create a world-renowned soccer school that would allow the children of Llano Verde to focus on soccer and not the games. gangs, nor in vices. Upon hearing the story of the children who had to rebuild their soccer field every day, Zurdo agreed to coach them. Those six children who were then called "Casi Hermanos FC" soon became 30 and changed their name to "Real Llano Verde" which is more than a team, it is a family. Currently, Yandel is still a teacher at the club and goalkeeper of the 2008 category. "My dream is that the club allows all children to fulfill their dreams, getting ahead as professional soccer players."

Author: Yerlis Yandel Rodríguez
At the Llano Verde Educational Institution, there is a music center that for 7 years has had the opportunity to house many vulnerable students in the community. There, the classes are taught by Professor Andres, a very kind person who inspires the boys and girls of Llano Verde to explore their talent in music and share it in other spaces such as theaters, auditoriums and museums in Cali, Yumbo and Bogotá . I myself was his student for several years, and thanks to Professor Andres, I learned to love and interpret Pacific rhythms to the sound of the flute and cununo, demonstrating that talent shines in Llano Verde, the only thing missing is opportunities and people who believe in you. to encourage you to fulfill your dreams.

Author: Nicole Dayana Riascos Cossio
Soñar no tiene valor
Sebastian Lozano is a young athlete from Llano Verde who is 14 years old and is very passionate about basketball. Since he was 12 years old, he began training at the Pan American Courts in the city of Cali, where he acquired a lot of skill and skill in a sport that soon became an important part of his life. This inspired him to support kids like him who love basketball, but do not have the resources to pay for monthly training. Thus, Sebastián meets with several children and at no cost, teaches them everything he knows, some of them have even surpassed the teacher and have become excellent players with a professional future ahead of them if they want it, so it is very It is important that you always remember the importance of taking advantage of opportunities.

Author: Jhoan Sebastián Serna Ramirez
El legado gastronómico de Johana
My mother, Johana Barona, is a 35-year-old woman from the Aguas Frías village, located in the department of Cauca. From a very young age she was interested in cooking and learned to prepare different dishes by watching her mother, Lucila Barona; Then he took a cooking technician course, to continue improving. Her talent is making exquisite recipes that she sells online and WhatsApp to meet events or private orders, and she is recognized by others thanks to her seasoning. His favorite preparation is mixed rice, although I prefer him to prepare BBQ ribs for me. My mother has taught me, through her example, humility, simplicity, respect and perseverance, because despite all the difficulties, she never hesitates to provide a plate of food to those who need it and has been very brave in pursuing her passion. .

Author: Asly Adriana Ortiz


Relive the most special moments of the program with Educambio.

STEAM, psychoeducational, English, literacy and ICT classes

On May 5th we had a recreational activity to celebrate Children's Day. It was a very special day in which Space Jump and Butcher came together so that the boys and girls of the Bibliocasa could have a unique experience full of fun and joy.
Between July 25 and 31, Entrepreneurship Week was held, a space that sought, through an immersive experience, for young people in group C to spend a day with leading professionals in the fields of their interest (medicine, technology, football, criminology, Parkour), who spoke to them about the opportunities and challenges of professional life. This not only provided them with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and clarity about their career paths, but also established itself as a great opportunity to inspire them to work towards their dreams.
During the first three Saturdays of the month of July 2023, Bibliocasa students had the opportunity to attend English classes taught by professor Maria Isabel Irurita, Educambio mentor and Director of the Master's Degree in Management for Social Innovation at Icesi. In the classes they were able to learn three songs in English, share with renowned musicians, play instruments such as the guitar, guasa and cununos, and have an immersive experience in English.
On Saturday, October 14, 2023, a mental health day was held in conjunction with the Psychological Care Center of the Icesi University (CAPsi), which was consolidated as a listening space in which students and their families, as well as people from the community were able to speak with psychology students in recent semesters, especially those that cause them pain or concern.
On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, as an activity proposed by the psychoeducational and technology classes, the trip to the Icesi University was made with the aim of bringing students between 13 and 17 years old, from group C, to an environment academic that inspired them to continue working for their life project. During the visit, the students were able to tour the university facilities, see the recording studios and speak with the person in charge of the university's financial support office, who told them about the possibilities of financing and applying for scholarships.
On November 4, 2023, the gymkhana was held, a space for celebration and meeting focused on strengthening the general well-being and teamwork of the students. This day, which included the participation of Infinitek Paris collaborators, allowed us to strengthen community ties, as well as carry out the delivery of gifts donated by Globant as part of the celebration of Children's Day.
On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the wellness day led by the Educambio and Infinitek Paris team took place. This was a space focused on promoting self-love and self-care of boys, girls and their mothers or caregivers, who participated in relaxation activities, meditation and application of facial masks donated by Infinitek.
On Thursday, November 9, 2023, the trip to Manitoba took place with the aim of giving students the opportunity to explore and understand the entrepreneurship processes, from the conception of an idea to the materialization of a solid business plan. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to tour the facilities and learn from one of the founders of Manitoba, Ignacio Llano, the history of one of the largest companies in southwestern Colombia.