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Scholarships for Change


Scholarships Funded

Did you know that, in Colombia an estimated 1.5 million children are out of school? This represents a significant challenge for the country and highlights the pressing need for increased support and action to ensure universal access to quality education.

The Scholarships for Change program is a bridge between people and companies who want to support quality education for vulnerable children and youth in Colombia.

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Notebooks for Change


Notebooks Donated

The Notebooks for Change was the start of our social entrepreneurship dream. Our motivation? The children in Colombia who don't have access to school supplies, who have to write on newspaper's margins or stop attending school because they don't even have a notebook.

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Libraries for Change


Libraries Donated

We decided to create Libraries for Change so that more children could have access to information, opportunities and choices. Because every child deserves to write their own story.

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Community Transformation Spaces

over 50.523 Children Benefited

The Bibliocasa in Llano Verde

A transformational space in Llano Verde that equips youth from eastern Cali with leadership skills, reinforces key competences - such as reading - and provides spaces for discussion and learning on topics such as sustainable development, cultural diversity, non-violent conflict resolution and gender equality, amongst others.

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La Casa Azul

"La Casa Azul" project in Siloé was born from the idea of establishing a dignified space for the artistic and cultural development of over 200 children from La Fontaine School. It has allowed us to reach over 65,000 residents in Comuna 20, Cali.

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Colorín Colorado

Crecemos reproduciendo diversos roles de género y los aprendemos durante nuestra niñez, como separar los colores, juguetes y profesiones entre aquellos que se consideran son para mujeres y los que son para hombres. Colorín Colorado es una campaña con la cual queremos cambiar las reglas y transformar el cuento para fomentar uno en el que las niñas y los niños puedan aprender a través del juego, y con ello crecer, sin ninguna distinción.

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El covid-19 ha afectado a toda la población de nuestro país y el Pacífico colombiano no es la excepción. Queremos garantizar la continuidad de los procesos educativos de los niños, niñas y jóvenes de algunos de los territorios que hemos identificado altamente vulnerables en esta región.

¡Ayúdanos a construir futuro a través de oportunidades de educación!

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