Asked Questions

Where can I donate my books and notebooks?

You can check your nearest collection point in CALI by following the link below.

If I make a donation, will I receive a donation certificate?

Find all the information about when and how we issue donation certificates by following the link below.

I am part of a vulnerable community or know of a vulnerable community that needs a library and school supplies, how can I put them in contact with Educambio?

To support a community, a teacher, leader, or social leader must complete Educambio's social intervention request form here

I want to organize a campaign to collect notebooks and books in my school or company, how can I coordinate it with Educambio?

Send us an email to explaining your intention to carry out the campaign so we can get in touch with you.

I want to be part of Educambio's volunteering or help in some way, how can I do it?

You can visit our page to learn about all the possibilities of supporting our organization.