About Us

Our story

In 2016 we discovered that thousands of boys and girls drop out of school because they do not have a notebook to write down their knowledge.

Seeing this reality, we decided to believe in education as a tool for social transformation. Through a triple impact model: economic, environmental and social, what began as a dream in which we sold notebooks to deliver school supplies, became a social company with the capacity to transform in a sustainable and collective way, from the co -creation and the courage of conviction, the reality of many territories through high-impact education programs.

Today Educambio has benefited more than 50,000 boys and girls, and since then we know that change is possible, and is achieved through quality education.

Who we are?

Educambio is a dream made into a notebook, held by the hands of the boys and girls of Colombia.

Our purpose is sustainable social transformation through the delivery of quality educational opportunities in vulnerable communities.

We work for children and we are committed to quality education through sustainable and environmentally conscious projects. We believe that education is the most powerful tool to continue building the possible country and walk towards the dream world.

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary team, ready to transform social realities.

Together we are Strategy + Innovation + Communication + Creativity + Empathy.

Our motivation? The dreams of thousands of children in Colombia.

At Educambio, we are guided by three core beliefs in our efforts to create opportunities and promote social transformation through education and sustainability:


Education is the most powerful tool for driving social change.


Agents of change exist and are capable of making a positive impact on the world through their actions.


Bio-sustainability and environmental consciousness are essential components of achieving meaningful change.

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Our Triple Impact Model


Our quality education programs have allowed us to benefit +50,000 boys, girls and young people from vulnerable rural and urban communities in Colombia, guaranteeing access to scholarships, libraries, school supplies and highly innovative training processes.


We finance the delivery of educational opportunities through the sale of corporate and commercial ecological stationery products, and with the support of allies who join the change and believe in education as a driver of social transformation.


We give a second life to used books to produce new school supplies and deliver libraries in communities without access to connectivity. Our stationery products made from sugarcane bagasse and recycled paper save 20% water, save 7% energy and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 7%.

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Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative

In October, we had the opportunity to represent Colombia at One Young World London 2019, the global summit that each year brings together the brightest young talents from all countries and sectors who work to accelerate social impact. On this occasion, we were invited by María Juliana Ruíz, former first lady of the nation and accompanied by 58 more young Colombians with whom we received advice from influential leaders from 194 countries such as Muhammad Yunus, Ban Ki Moon, Richard Branson, Meghan Markle, among others. many other world figures.

In September we were nominated finalists for Titanes Caracol in the Education category, a national contest organized by Caracol Televisión S.A in order to recognize those people who, from anonymity, contribute significantly to the development of the country with activities or programs for social well-being. .

In 2023 we had the opportunity to participate in the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) program, a transformative experience that expanded our horizons and strengthened our commitment to leadership and entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Titanes Caracol

Recon Finalist 2019
Between May 28 and September 13, the IV RECON Call was open where we were finalists in the Education category. Through this call, we seek to identify Social Enterprises that are creating opportunities, transforming realities and contributing to the sustainable development of vulnerable communities in Colombia. We participate alongside more than 1,700 social enterprises from all over Colombia

Recon Finalist

National Young Talent Award

Business Excellence Award from Icesi University

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Development Center of the ICESI University, CDEE, created this award, as the highest recognition that the University grants to its graduates and members of the community, to honor entrepreneurs who make socioeconomic development sustainable and who They become references for future generations of entrepreneurs.