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They are worthy spaces co-created and directed by teachers, leaders of community-based organizations that have educational projects that actively involve boys, girls, adolescents and young people from their respective territories. Its objective is to strengthen the commitment of community-based organizations through quality and sustainability education programs for boys, girls, adolescents and young people from vulnerable rural and urban communities.

La Casa Azul de Siloé:

A space where the leadership skills and basic learning competencies of 30 boys, girls and young people from Commune 20 of Cali are strengthened, through a territorial approach and co-creation.

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The Star Project:

A project that strengthens the life skills and basic competencies in English of 36 children and adolescents from Llano Verde (Cali).

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A través de la creación de bibliotecas comunitarias, contribuimos al desarrollo social y cultural de los territorios. Nuestras bibliotecas actúan como un puente que conecta a los niños, niñas, y comunidades con sus sueños y creatividad.

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Did you know that in Colombia, approximately 1.5 million boys and girls do not attend school? You can make the difference! Sponsor the education of a student from commune 20 of Cali.

The call for godfathers and godmothers opens annually in the month of November.

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