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Today more than ever Cali needs our support! We joined forces with the Jefferson School to change the lives of hundreds of boys and girls from Llano Verde and we are making it a reality through the Bibliocasa and the educational opportunities it offers to boys and girls from eastern Cali.

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$55 mill

The goal is to directly impact more than 200 boys, girls, and young people who benefit from the activities of the Llano Verde BiblioCasa, and indirectly to the entire community in the sector by providing a dignified and safe space for education.

How to donate?

How to donate?

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Zoraya is a woman with a restless and funny look. She is an innate dreamer, playwright, poet and singer-songwriter, and ever since we met her we fell in love with her dedication to service and her desire to build community. This social leader, daughter of teachers from Mompos, has dedicated her life to the comprehensive training of young people, boys and girls from the vulnerable populations in which she has lived throughout her life. Since the formation of the Llano Verde neighborhood in 2017, Zoraya has dedicated herself to voluntarily giving workshops on the first floor of her home, in order to strengthen the processes of thousands of boys and girls in the neighborhood, many of them victims of the conflict. armed, displaced by violence and reinserted from the Plan Jarillón de Cali.

The Library in Llano Verde was born as a project that seeks to promote education, art and culture in this territory located to the east of Cali. We were moved by the social conditions in which the children of this area live, in which the majority of the population does not exceed 8.5 years of schooling, since in this place the formation of gangs that were co-opted by groups organized on the fringes is frequent. of the law, for which reason minors are constantly exposed to arms and drug trafficking, murder, extortion and threats, generating a high risk of forced recruitment and incursion of children and young people into criminal activities.

We want to transform the lives of children and youth in Llano Verde and we will achieve it with the support of all the people who, like us and Zoraya, believe in their abilities, their dreams and their great abilities.

Together we can provide opportunities to more than 150,000 people in this territory, it beats for you?


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