La Casa Azul is a Cultural Transformation Space that aims to provide a safe and creative space for the children of Siloé, a community in Comuna 20 in Cali, Colombia. The space is dedicated to artistic and cultural activities, such as painting, music, and play, with the goal of promoting community development and redefining the image of Siloé. It is named after the famous Blue House in Mexico City, which was the residence of the painter Frida Kahlo and is now a museum dedicated to her life and work.

What do they say about La Casa Azul?

Laura, 13 years old

"I come to La Casa Azul with my younger brother and my 8-year-old nephew. Here we learn theater, dance, and read a lot. My dream is to go to university and learn to play the violin. I feel like in La Casa Azul I can get closer to that dream."

Gabriela, 14 years old

"La Casa Azul changed the La Capilla area here in Siloé. People used to say that this was a very dangerous area, that they didn't come around here. Although it's still difficult, new people who believe in us and support us have come. Coming to La Casa Azul has brought us hope."

Valentina, 6 years old

"I like coming to La Casa Azul because there are books here. We also play, draw, and learn."

Matías, 12 years old

"My mom doesn't let us go out much on the street, and to keep us away from what we can find there, she gets us into all the activities she can find, which are free and support the neighborhood. My twin brother, my 4-year-old sister, and I participate in many social activities. We like La Casa Azul because here we can learn and be leaders."

Cuando alguien pelea, yo le digo que no pelee, que mejor de abrazos.

- Samuel.
Este barrio sí que ha cambiado. Cuando uno pasaba por aquí no había nada, solo basura en la calle. Hoy ya nadie bota la basura en la calle. Mejor está ahora que antes.

- Hillary.
Los días que no hay La Casa Azul son la aburrición, no hacemos sino pereza. En cambio cuando venimos hay amor, jugamos y somos felices.

- Sara

Where will your Guardian donation go?

If you decide to be part of Guardianes de La Casa Azul, your donation will allow:

This house is built with river stones and train rails. We have been asked many times why we decided to stay in Siloé when we had the opportunity to fly far away and pursue our personal dreams. The thing is, we realized that dreaming collectively is much more exciting and powerful than dreaming individually. That by dreaming and working together, not only our own lives are impacted, but also the lives of our entire community, especially the children.
- Teacher Lily, about La Casa Azul in Siloé.

What are the benefits of being
a Guardian of La Casa Azul?


You will be an agent of change, contributing with concrete actions to the social transformation of Siloé.


We will keep you informed of all the activities, testimonies, and news about this Space of Transformation.


You will be able to attend personalized events at La Casa Azul, created for you to meet the children participating in our program.


Every semester, you will receive a report of results with details about La Casa Azul's progress and the impact we are making together.


You will receive a donation certificate for the social investment you make with Educambio.

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"All the people who dare to become Guardians will be betting on Siloé, on social transformation, and on the education of the children in the La Capilla area. WE BELIEVE IN YOU"


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When someone fights, I tell them not to fight, but to give hugs instead.

- Samuel.
This neighborhood has really changed. When you used to walk around here, there was nothing but trash on the streets. Now, nobody throws trash on the streets anymore. It's better now than before.

- Hillary.
The days without La Casa Azul are boring, all we do is laziness. But when we come here, there is love, we play, and we are happy.

- Sara