10,000 Opportunities for the Pacific

Covid-19 has affected the entire population of our country and the Colombian Pacific is no exception. We want to guarantee the continuity of the educational processes of children and young people from some of the territories that we have identified as highly vulnerable in this region.

Help us build the future through educational opportunities!

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We build the future through educational opportunities.


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Why the Pacific?

  • The multidimensional poverty of the black, Afro-Colombian, Palenquera and Raizal population was located at 30.6%, 11.0 points above the national poverty, which was 19.6%.
  • Only 27% of the black, Afro-Colombian, Raizal and Palenquera population have Internet coverage in their homes, while national coverage was 43.4%. In municipalities like Timbiquí, only 09% of the population has Internet access.
  • The Pacific region presents the highest figures for low educational attainment in the country 63.8, while the Caribbean region has a score of 49.5 and the national average is 43.8
  • The Pacific region has the highest percentage of child labor: 4.6% compared to the national average of 2.1%
Source: DANE.

What are the territories?

  • Bojayá
  • Nuquí: localities of Jurubirá, Arusí, Tribugá, Panguí, Coquí, Joví and Termales
  • Tadó
  • Istmina
  • Alto Baudo: localities of Batatal, Las Delicias, Apartadó, Pto. Echeverry
  • Buenaventura: Buenos Aires II neighborhood
  • Cali: El Peón & Distrito de Aguablanca pathway
  • Timbiquí
  • Yolombó
  • Roberto Payán
  • Tumaco

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